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Slippery Solutions LLC 4 Step Process


A Slippery Solutions LLC technician will conduct a Walkway Audit of your home or facility. The audit will specifically identify any potential slip and fall hazards needing attention.


The technician will then use the ASM 825 (American Slip Meter) to measure Static Coefficient of Friction (S.C.O.F.) of your floors before a fall occurs and prescribe a solution that will render your floors safer for you, your employees, customers or guests.


Now the science begins. Slippery Solutions LLC's proprietary TREATMENT process creates a “micro-tread” on your slippery surface that will increase traction dramatically and improve safety on all surfaces-wet or dry!

Consultative Follow Up

Scheduled, bi-annual visits to test measure and properly clean treated areas to ensure proper traction levels are maintained.

Coefficient of Friction

Our Features

Slippery Solutions LLC Can Help You Protect Your Customers, Friends, And Family. With Documented COF (Coefficient Of Friction) Readings And Standard Warranties Almost everybody else I know here that write essays for money is currently working got a job the same way, so I can`t stress enough the importance of reaching out to people while you are here.You Can Rest Assured Your Floors Are As Safe As They Can Be.

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Composite Decking

Benefits of Using Slippery Solutions LLC

  • Increases traction, significantly, on most surfaces with no residue or change in appearance
  • Creates a healthier and safer work environment
  • Exceeds OSHA and ADA coefficient of Friction guidelines
  • Provides peace of mind that your floors are as safe as possible for customers, guests, employees and loved ones
  • 2-Year Guarantee with scheduled bi-annual visits and proper cleaning