1What type of business is Slippery Solutions LLC?
Slippery Solutions LLC is in the safety business. We offer services that decrease the likelihood of slip-and-fall accidents in homes and businesses. We accomplish this by surveying the walking surfaces in a home or business and recommending treatments that will increase the traction on these surfaces, thus improving the safety of those who walk on them.
2On what kind of surfaces does your product work?
Our Three Step System is designed to work on most stone surfaces. Specifically, this means it works on tiles, ceramic and porcelain surfaces, concrete, granite, marble, slate, etc. Our bathtub treatment works excellent on fiberglass and acrylic bathtubs. We also have a wide array of products to treat other surfaces such as concrete, wood floors, wood decks, pool areas and many others. Contact us to discover more!
3Is this the most effective way to reduce slip-and-fall accidents?
Yes! Slip-and-fall accidents are the number one cause of Workman’s Compensation claims and liability claims and are the number two leading cause of injury throughout the United States. For many years, the only means of reducing slip-and-fall accidents was by applying epoxy or other textured substances to the floor, or by installing unsightly strips of grit-paper or expensive carpet runners (which are a trip hazard), or by adding rubber mats that are unattractive and need continuous replacement.
4What surfaces cannot be treated with our Three Step System?
The system will not work on surfaces that are nom-mineral in origin (e.g., vinyl, plastic, linoleum, fiberglass or VCT) or any surface made from a resin-based material. We offer effective alternative solutions to treat these surfaces. Contact us for more information.